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Liquorice and sweets are diverse! Some like it plain or fruity, others prefer it savoury, sour or covered in chocolate.For some it's a tasty treat for on the go, for others it's a gift. You'll find what you're looking for here!

Our top products

Liquorice manufacture

from natural raw materials

Strong flavour

Original Salmix® liquorice pastilles with 4 - 7.99 % liquorice salt content. Extra strong adult liquorice in its most beautiful form. Pithy, edgy and with a Nordic flavour.

Honest manual labour

The Salmix® lozenge has been our compass on a long journey in the liquorice world for over 70 years. To this day, it is still handmade in the factory according to the original recipe from 1949.

Tradition & Innovation

The world moves on and flavours are different. You can taste that chocolate and liquorice go wonderfully well together in our delicious dragées and chocolate bars.

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