SALMIX® salmiac pastilles – seductively spicy

The liquorice manufacturer Salmix GmbH is the first stop for salmiac pastille lovers, liquorice fans and those with a sweet tooth. Whether it’s for snacking or cooking & baking, our liquorice products always hit that sweet spot. We are also open for your special liquorice wishes, just let us know.

In the past, the black, tough mass was rolled out by hand on the kitchen table and dried in the oven. Mr and Mrs Caspar lived in St. Pauli in Hamburg. That was in 1949 and today the SALMIX® brand is a cult brand that is indispensable in the north of Germany. Even today, SALMIX® lozenges are manufactured in the Sievershütten factory according to the traditional family recipe - just as they were 70 years ago.

No matter whether your childhood memory is of the friendly chemist, the crackling of the paper bag as it was being filled with SALMIX® lozenges, or the licking and sticking of stars, you know that for us everything revolves around making delicious snacks. There are many fans of liquorice and the SALMIX® brand continues to enjoy ever greater popularity.

The strong and intensive tasting black lozenges are still popular with both young and old today. Also discover our dragée specialities: crunchy and chocolate dragées and for real chocolate liquorice junkies: the 55g bar - with an intensive liquorice taste.

SALMIX "Sweet" or "Salty" – cooking and baking with liquorice

A new trend in the culinary heavens: star chefs have discovered cooking and seasoning with liquorice. Previously widespread and popular in Asia and France, seasoning with liquorice extract or salmiac powder is now also gaining ground in our domestic kitchens. The salty taste adapts excellently to sweet and savoury dishes and perfectly complements the flavours. The easiest way to use pure liquorice is in powder form and it's easy to measure out. Give it a go! Try our SALMIX® recipes with liquorice.